Candle Refills - Luxury Geo

Candle Refills - Luxury Geo

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We are introducing the Candle Refills for all types of candle glassware we offer. Although the majority of you, find creative ways of reusing your candle jar, it is nice to have the option of another candle. The Candle Refills ensure you can have unlimited refills, whenever you wish!


  • 1 x Candle Refill to fit the Luxury Geo
  • 1 x CLP label - this is the important containing the ingredients & allergens
  • 1 x sticky pad

Glassware is NOT included

How To Use:

When your candle is near the end, simply clean out the glassware using the following method;

  • Pour boiled water from the kettle with some washing up liquid directly into the glassware - this will help all remaining wax come to the surface
  • Leave to cool - you will be left with solid wax at the top of the glassware, carefully pop this out and pour the water out. Please do not pour any remaining wax down the sink.
  • Wipe the glassware with a paper towel, and it's ready for the new candle refill
  • (If you need to repeat the above process a second time, please do)

Now it's time to add your candle refill;

  • Simply remove the sticky pad from the base of the refill
  • Add to your glassware and press down, to ensure there is no movement
  • Add the CLP label to the base of the glassware
  • And relax. Light your new candle and enjoy!