Candle, Wax Melt & Reed Diffuser Safety Notice

 Candle Safety & Burning Instructions

  • Keep out of reach of children, pets & draughts
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Always trim your candle wick to approx. 5mm before lighting
  • Only burn a candle on a level, first resistant surface
  • Do not burn a candle for more than 4 hours at any one time

Wax Melt Safety

  • Remove all packaging and place wax melt in the well of your wax burner
  • Only use a 4 hour unscented tealight
  • Keep out of reach of children, pets & draughts
  • Do not move your wax burner whilst lit
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended

*Failure to follow instructions could result in a fire hazard or injury.

It is also important to remember to care for your candles to ensure you get the best burn time possible & consistent scent throw. Please remember to burn your candle (especially the first few burns) from centre to the edge, ensuring a full meltpool and no tunneling. Also trim your wick to 5mm before each burn!

For example, our Small Vogue Candles will last for 40 hours with the correct care & attention!

Reed Diffuser Safety

  • Do not light the reeds (flammable liquid)
  • Do not ingest
  • Keep out of reach of children & pets
  • Anyone suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious using this product. Use gloves when handling the reeds
  • Do not place diffuser directly onto polished, painted, plastic or leather surfaces, or on electrical equipment, as any accident spillage may cause damage to certain materials.